No more slipping wooden wedges that drive the carpenter crazy. No more frustration - instead, joy in door setting and a boost in efficiency for the entire  trade industry as well as the end customer.

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Self-adhesive sliding wedge

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The Konik Sliding Wedge for the craftsman

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1 / THE INNOVATION: Self-adhesive sliding wedge

The problem: wedges don't fit, wedges fall off.

Setting doors is time-consuming with conventional self-made wedges. They are seldom available in the right wedge thickness to cut a gap correctly ... and are instead put together from several different wedges. They slip, they fall. This is not only time-consuming, but sometimes also nerve-wracking.

The solution: plastic wedge with adjustable thickness and self-adhesive surface

The KONIK makes the setting of doors of all kinds remarkably easier. The KONIK consists of two specially developed, oppositely running wedges (adhesive & sliding wedge) , where, depending on the distance between the wall and the frame, you slide the KONIK filler wedge in between. The KONIK adhesive wedge has an adhesive area, so that ideal placement on the frame / lining board is child's play. Furthermore, the KONIK sliding wedge is designed in such a way that you can cut off overhangs with little effort. For use with deep wall thicknesses, the KONIK auxiliary hook or another suitable aid can be used to move the KONIK sliding wedge and position it in the right place.

Progress made with this innovation:

  • Quick and easy - even without a helper
  • Always the right wedge thickness at hand
  • Does not slip, does not fall

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Helping innovation make its breaktrough

Too few professionals are yet familiar with the Konik sliding wedge. And we lack strong partners in sales. We want to give the Konik the attention it deserves and thus make work easier for craftsmen. And last but not least, to the benefit of the end customer, as work is made more efficient.

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      The Konik Sliding Wedge for the craftsman

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