With our projects, we support inventors in realizing their innovations. What they lack is often just one crucial piece of information. Information that is out there somewhere... that a specialist expert has. Our AVALANCHE is designed to find just that expert. By contacting experts and these experts in turn forwarding our questions in their network - until the right expert and the right answer is found.

Are you an expert who wants to help bring new ideas to life?

People who create


Inventors with great ideas. Ideas that simplify everyday life or maybe even change the world.


Experts who want to help make innovation happen - or maybe even change the world.

Innovation + knowledge = Progress

Innovation not implemented

… because the decisive information is missing. Is the idea really unique and does it have a chance of being protected? How can the idea be made visible? How can the idea be made ready for series production? Where is the partner who can produce and distribute the idea? What to do if the idea is blocked by an unjustly granted property right?

Last missing detail

We believe that this knowledge can be found in people and not in archives. And we believe that good ideas find support - from you, "our" subject matter expert. Either because they have these answers themselves, or because you believe in the idea and you share and spread our questions in your network. Just to see this idea realized.

A small impulse  is enough

Experts know: Development also depends on exchange! A little input from another project can already help to successfully implement an innovation. Share your ideas with us! Show us what you know! Or enable another expert to contribute something. Set this impulse!

Gain expertise + create progress

You may benefit from the project yourself: After all, getting to know something new often means increasing your own competence. Innovations deliver fresh know-how, provide new perspectives and pave the way. Perhaps also for your own work.

Our projects

Reply - or share, share, share....

If you don't know the answer yourself, you may know someone who does. Therefore, we also reward the person who finds the expert who can provide the relevant information.

500 EURO for the crucial information - or the forwarding to the
crucial information.

Your active involvement is crucial so that we can turn ideas into reality. We would not only like to express our appreciation for this, but we would also like to reward you for it. Help us and make a difference - and let us reward you for it.

...and all that for maybe not even 15 minutes of your time

For your remuneration

Your feedback will be evaluated by our team of experts. In particular, the following criteria will be used to assess the relevance of your contribution (and thus to determine the amount of your possible compensation):



Relevance for our customers

Highly relevant is information through which a cooperation can be initiated or on the basis of which our customer can evaluate who is really the first to have made the invention in question.



Is the information of itself useful to us?

  • "I have seen this kind of thing in the nineties of the last century in France"
  • "There should be a Dutch manufacturer who has been doing something similar for some time"


Examples of well usable:

  • "The technical solution is already described in "Science, issue XY, page 56".
  • "The technical solution is described in the US patent US 7 856 321 B1, there figure 1 in connection with column 5, line 7 - column 8, line 35"
  • "The company Mustermann Maschinenbau, Musterstraße 20, 12345 Musterstadt, offers a similar system under the product name Dummy 7000".


Timing of information

In the event that identical or similar highly relevant information is received, the time at which the information was received is also used to determine the possible remuneration.

Payment of remuneration

To whom and in what amount the remuneration is paid is determined exclusively by our evaluation team. There is no legal claim to remuneration; the remuneration is paid to the person whose information has received the highest rating. Please also tell us how you became aware of our project. In case you were informed about it by a third party, this person can also be compensated. Therefore, please provide us with the contact details of this person. Your possible remuneration will not be reduced by this.

Your information is safe...

This is what happens to your information

Your response initially only reaches our team. We evaluate the incoming facts for our client and provide him with the relevant information. However, your personal data remains exclusively with us.


Your commitment is as crucial as it is valuable to us. We therefore place the highest value on the security of your data.


People with a new idea are considered crackpots until the thing catches on.

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