Your idea is real, your patent is pending. Only you are missing a crucial piece of information to realize the idea? No reproach! In fact, many business leaders have known that they can't do everything on their own. Even the best developer doesn't know all the competitors. Nor may he be the best marketer. The only thing that helps is the right information.

Our Fact Scouting provides fast, inexpensive and effective access to a worldwide pool of experts. There should be something to find!

Idea + Facts =
Freedom to Operate

Your idea creates progress. And a little impetus can be all it takes to make it happen. Our Fact Scouting generates this impulse .

The answer lies somewhere out there: Someone knows the right partner, knows about the right customer or can bring the idea to fruition!

You need information – we provide facts

You want to realize an idea or overcome a barrier? You don't know about the potential of your idea or its chances of success? You are not sure whether your old patent is still useful or only causes costs? In short: You need facts for your further steps?

In that case you are exactly right with us!

Our daily business


„Wrong“ patents impede

You have a great idea, but a patent stands in the way of realizing it. However, you are sure that the patent was wrongly granted. With the right information, you can eliminate such a patent.


Does your patent still make sense?

You have a patent. But it has never actually been implemented. We can start the avalanche of experts and check whether maintaining the patent still makes sense.


Market entry

You have a really new idea. But is it enough to establish the patent on the market? We search for suitable partners who can help.


World wide patent strategy

Your patent is usually filed in one country first? Now the question arises in which market there is still potential to extend the patent application there. The information from the avalanche helps to effective cost deployment.


Market research

A question you might not have dared to ask before: "What does the market think about my product?" Ask the experts!


Infringement allegation

If you are accused of infringing another patent with your idea, you should check: How stable is the patent that is being held against you?


With our method, we not only research faster, broader and deeper than other providers, but at the same time also create awareness in expert circles.


Idea with potential?!?


Experts create opportunities


Fact scouting

To this end, Avalanche is launching a dynamic, self-organizing survey with global reach among subject matter experts from the field - living knowledge!

Zur Identifikation von Entwicklungs- und Vertriebspartnern oder Lizenznehmern bedienen wir uns eines einzigartigen Ansatzes. Wir nennen ihn „avalanche“ – die Lawine.

The right channels

To identify development and distribution partners or licensees, we use a unique approach. We call it "AVALANCHE".

The Expert Network

In short, the Avalanche is a self-organizing, web-based survey in the respective technical community. Initiated by us, the avalanche gets its momentum from the fact that simply forwarding the question can be financially rewarding for the respondent.

Recognize, evaluate, prepare information

By doing so, we are able to gain relevant information about your innovation and its economic perspectives in a short time on the one hand, and to bring your idea to the attention of a large number of potential partners on the other hand.

The one relevant piece of information

The amount of information worldwide is exploding: The period in which the amount of data and information doubles is becoming shorter and shorter.

With our fact scouting, we help you through this flood of data. We look for the right experts, collect the expert opinions and determine the relevant information for you from this. While you can use the time to perhaps already tackle the next idea.

Do you have a project? Then get in touch with us.


How we work together

Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.

Steve Jobs

Clear path for realization

Our many years of experience in patent and business consulting enable us to correctly assess our clients' projects and channel them accordingly - across all industries.


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Let's talk about your idea and your possibilities - free of charge and without obligation, of course.

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