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„One more thing” E

Neue Ideen brauchen Kraft und Durchhaltevermögen, um sich durchzusetzen. Manchmal auch Zeit, um zu dem zu reifen, das später unser Leben interessanter, leichter, besser macht. Ja und manchmal verschwinden sie auch einfach irgendwo im Nirgendwo. Wir arbeiten dafür, dass neue Ideen Wirklichkeit werden.
Thomas, 14 July 2022

More patents then ever before

Patents protect the owner from imitators. But patents granted without thorough examination also hinder competition unjustifiably. Once they have been granted, they prevent anyone else from offering the – possibly wrongly protected – product. Therefore, every entrepreneur who feels threatened by such a flood of patents should look for information that can eliminate such patents again. One way to do this is through fact-scouting by a German start-up.
Klaus, 11 April 2022

A useful system

After more than twenty years of activity in the field of industrial property protection, I am increasingly concerned about a situation which, in my view, is increasingly jeopardizing the successful and, in principle, reasonable patent system.
Klaus, 16 February 2022

Bringing great ideas to life

Sometimes a small impulse is enough to cause big things. Avalanches, strictly speaking, are triggered by a lot of small snowflakes falling to the ground. That is what we want to implement with the AVALANCHE method.

Our goal: Making innovation real

The ideas we present in our projects deserve to be known. Be it that they are presented to the right partners. Be it that the public learns about this new idea.

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