WE believe in the value of IDEas and progress resulting from them

Without the idea of doing something differently, many inventions would not have been created and the world would not have developed so rapidly. If ideas are not pushed forward, they quickly risk being forgotten - despite all the genius that may be in them.

We create space for ideas, support creative minds and companies to take the step into a successful future. Because we want to see ideas realized!

Protecting and promoting good ideas

We are convinced that good ideas must move forward. It is important to make them heard for realization and to protect them from unjustified attacks.

With our "fact scouting" we identify information to exploit unused or previously blocked opportunities. Because good ideas deserve to be put into practice!

Restistances impede innovation

No progress without innovation

If an idea does not see the light of day, it is difficult for it to act as an innovation driver. The problem is that there may be a buyer for the idea, but the inventor doesn't know it. Or a "top dog" prevents the idea from becoming known - possibly even with wrongly granted patents.

From our point of view, this must not happen!

Patent law as it should be

Patent law is intended to protect inventions. This goal is good and right! But a patent system must not lead to the "legalization" of injustice. If a patent exists unjustly and blocks a market, it must be possible to eliminate it. In order to make the right decision here, facts must be on the table. If they are not available to the patent office, or if they are not complete, they must be shown to it.

Very specifically, the consequences from this situation:

  • Patents are partly awarded unjustly
  • Good, new ideas are blocked by this
  • Real progress is impeded

We want to see good ideas realized


Protection innovation

We love new, great ideas - and we believe in the unique VALUE of those ideas. It is our aspiration to protect this value.

Our Services

Supporting inventors

Our heroes: Inventors. People who improve our world with their spirit, their commitment and their time. It is our concern to support them.

To the Avalanche

Promote progress

New ideas need help: They have to become visible and realized, find their market and reach people. It is our contribution to make this possible.

Our Projects

Avalanche's vision remains unchanged - to make the patent system as great as it once was.


AVALANCHE connects and creates progress

Experts are not only characterized by the fact that they know the old familiar. Good experts simply never tire of looking around for the previously unknown, observing developments and recognizing potential when something new opens up. Therefore, what counts for them is to inform themselves on many levels, to be open to new ideas and, in exchange with experts from all over the world, to recognize at an early stage where some things might be heading. 

AVALANCHE connects experts worldwide, shows them the ideas of inventors and thus opens up new ways to discover potentials that create progress in a large network.


Our high level of expertise in the field of patent and commercial law enables us to correctly assess our clients' inquiries and to channel them accordingly - across all industries.


Armin Weidt

The internationally active business lawyer has been advising innovative companies for many years. In the process, it became apparent that many ideas can only be realized if the right partners are brought together and unfair practices are combated. That is why Klaus Raunecker and he founded AVALANCHE and laid the foundation for FACT SCOUTING - true to the motto "Information only harms the one who does NOT have it!"

Klaus P. Raunecker

Working for over 20 years both in industry and as a patent attorney, he is committed to protecting innovations. Seeing them come to fruition, helping them find their market and thereby improving the world a little bit is his passion. This gave him the idea of the AVALANCHE method.

Thomas Wanner

Developing creative concepts and smart ideas - as the owner of a digital agency, this has been my daily business for over 20 years. Often enough, however, having to experience how good ideas are blocked, copied or simply left unfinished. Therefore: "Good ideas have to be implemented"...

Bringing great ideas to life

Sometimes a small impulse is enough to cause big things. Avalanches, strictly speaking, are triggered by a lot of small snowflakes falling to the ground. That is what we want to implement with the AVALANCHE method.

Our goal: Making innovation real

The ideas we present in our projects deserve to be known. Be it that they are presented to the right partners. Be it that the public learns about this new idea.

Our Projects

You are an expert – help us

You can make a big difference with a small impulse: Either you know answers or you know someone who might know them. Pass on our projects - this small impulse is enough to make a big difference.

To the Avalanche