„One more thing” E

One more thing 

What actually happened to the flux compensator?

"One more thing..." - with these three long legendary words Steve Jobs liked to introduce something special towards the end of a keynote. Hardware, software, services that have not only changed the world, but also our way of living, communicating and connecting with others. Not everyone is a Steve Jobs, and not every new idea changes the world - but there is one thing that many new ideas have in common: at first, they tend to meet with resistance, or at best, incomprehension. Steve Jobs was no exception, even with the iPhone.

New ideas need strength and stamina to prevail. Sometimes they also need time to mature into something that will later make our lives more interesting, easier and better. Yes, and sometimes they simply disappear somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Because, yes, because new ideas face not only incomprehension and resistance, but also real, tangible barriers. In terms of creepy factor, the cemetary of good ideas is certainly not inferior to pet cemetary. Where has the 2-liter car gone that was said to be in the drawer 20 years ago? How cool would it be to have a flux compensator to simply take off and fly above the traffic jam towards the future. Would have been if... let's land instead - unfortunately, however, forced a bit hard - in today.

But these barriers can be overcome. We are working on it... and you can also participate...

Patent idea and real world

A few days ago, the European Patent Office reported more patent applications than ever before. Is this good news? On the one hand, "yes." From the staff's point of view, much more like a flood of applications. Maybe even a tsunami. But in any case, there is much, much, much to research, to examine, to evaluate. And another figure: 70% of the patents challenged by oppositions or nullity suits were restricted or even destroyed in 2020. In other words, not even one third of the challenged patents remained unchanged.

In practice, it is often the case that new products coming onto the market are attacked by patent holders who rely on a wrongfully granted patent. In this way, innovation and thus progress are hindered. Often enough, this is unfortunately a game of big against small. Financial possibilities are one of the decisive factors in determining whose point of view will prevail in a protracted legal dispute - and not the actual idea itself. All in all, this is a problem that affects and hinders German SMEs in particular.


Overcoming barriers by „fact-scouting“

And this is where we, AVALANCHE, come in. We support people and companies in overcoming these barriers. Not only in patent matters, but also when it comes to finding a suitable partner for production, distribution and trade who believes in their idea. It's also about early feedback from expert circles on a new idea and more. We want to see good ideas come to fruition and that is what we are committed to. For inventors.

The decisive key to this is information - which we seek out. We call this "fact scouting": a dynamic, self-organized survey with worldwide reach among a large number of experts from the field. We believe in people and living knowledge - and not just data and files. The experts of this world simply know more than is written down. They can make connections. A potential that goes far beyond the single opinion of a patent examiner. With our AVALANCHE method, we scout broader and faster than patent offices. In this way, we find knowledge that may remain hidden, but which can be decisive in determining whether an idea becomes reality. We ask the necessary questions - and look for answers. Or as Mulder likes to say: "The answer lies somewhere out there". The task is to find it.


Take part - make a difference

You too can be part of this search: Sensational if you are our expert and have answers. But even if you're not: follow our channels, check out our projects and share them in your network. The more people know about it, the more likely we are to find the answers we need. You'll get new know-how, maybe even from your industry. And we reward the decisive hint with 500 EUR - as well as the forwarding to this hint.

Our projects come from a wide range of industries: Environment, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive, biotechnology... Currently we are in talks about two new projects - one in the field of "3D shaping" with completely new processes and materials. Another one concerning wind energy on an industrial scale. Both great approaches... and both worth pursuing further.

One more note on "value". New ideas have "value" because they create innovation and progress and change the world. If the development of these ideas loses its "value" because these ideas are not protected or are prevented by others and the developer does not gain any benefit - why should he continue to develop new ideas? A world without new ideas...

So: If you enjoy getting involved and want to experience how ideas become reality - then join us. AVALANCHE means we support inventors. We want that "one more thing".

Thomas WannerEuropean in spirit, Bavarian at heart. Professional for 30 years in the field of Brand + Web and great passion for music, history, cultures and everything where there is something new to discover...